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The Faculty

Written by Wan Huraizul b Wan Halkap.

The Faculty of Economics and Business was established on 1st January 1996, in line with the vision, mission and educational goals of UNIMAS. Its aim is to produce excellent graduates who are equipped with high social skills and virtuous values in the field of economics and business as its core knowledge business, in order to support the nation’s economical development to be globally competitive. This is to be achieved through the integration of contemporary and effective teaching-learning process. FEB graduates will continue to embody and refresh the role of knowledge, values, and culture of this nation through the process of lifelong learning.


  1. To offer a contemporary educational programme in priority areas, namely information technology based economics, business and management.
  2. To become a platform for the development of contemporary economics and business knowledge through a global approach.
  3. To provide a conducive and constructive teaching, learning and research environment for the supply of competitive human capitals.