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Corporate Master in Business Administration

Written by Wan Huraizul b Wan Halkap.

The Corporate Master in Business Administration (CMBA) makes it possible for professionals to earn a Master's Degree while working full time. The programme has so far attracted students from diverse academic backgrounds and working experiences. Taught by a group of dedicated and qualified lecturers, the programme is innovative, application-oriented and multi-disciplinary. The UNIMAS CMBA programme stands out from other MBA programmes because it retains the best features of the traditional MBA but is combined with contemporary features sought by today’s business managers.

The objective of the CMBA is to provide students with a firm understanding in management, finance and economics in both theoretical and applied aspects. For this program, students are required to complete a minimum of 13 courses and a research paper.
The CMBA program is designed for individuals who wish to complete their degree while continuing to be fully employed. Participants will be able to complete the program over a period of 18 months.


Academic System

Aligned with the faculty’s goal in achieving academic excellence, FEB will continue to restructure and improve the faculty’s academic system. As an initiative towards the goal of excellence, FEB is offering an academic structure according to individual programme and area of specialization. The academic structure is specifically designed to enable students to have the opportunity in acquiring quality knowledge and skills in their chosen field.

Semester System

UNIMAS academic structure is based on the semester system. Each year of study is divided into three semesters:

  1. Semester I 17 weeks
  2. Semester II 17 weeks
  3. Semester III 8 weeks

Course Registration

All students must register every semester, as well as all the courses to be taken according to the given dates, time and places set by the CGS. Please refer to the University Academic Calendar for the registration information.

Duration of Study

CMBA students are able to complete their within 18 months. Students are required to follow and pass 44 credit hours.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of eight core courses, five (5) elective courses and a research paper (Corporate Business Project) and spread over five (5) semesters.

The Core Course

The core course component is the cornerstone of the CMBA which provides the fundamental structure of the programme. The main purpose of the core courses is to strengthen students’ understanding in contemporary economic and business knowledge. Students must complete a total numbers of 24 credits (i.e. 8 courses) for this component.

Core Courses (3 Credit Each)
EBA6013 Principles of Accounting and Finance
EBA3023 Economics Theory
EBA6093 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis
EBA6113 Accounting for Managers
EBB6123 Corporate Finance
EBA6313 Economics Analyis and Policy
EBA6423 Stategic Marketing
EBB6133 Strategic Management

The Elective Courses

The elective component allows student to customize the CMBA in line with their personal needs and career path. Students can choose any of the five (5) courses offered (i.e. 15 credits). However, the faculty has the final decision on whether to offer a particular course or not, depending on the availability of the resources. The elective modules are:

Elective Modules (3 Credit Each)
EBB6163 International Finance
EBB6153 Investment
EBB6143 Money, Banking and Financial Market
EBB6353 The Global Economy
EBB6323 International Business
EBA6223 Human Resources Management
EBB6213 Entrepreneurship
EBB6233 Knowledge Management
EBB6243 Operation Management
EBB6333 Firms, Institutions and Competition
EBB6343 E-Business
EBB6443 Law for Managers
EBB6433 Managing Culture

Research Paper

The Corporate Business Project (CBP) is a research paper and the most rewarding part of the entire CMBA. The research paper offers a learning exercise relevant to student special needs and aspirations thereby contributes to their future career and professional development. Refer to Section 4 for more details. Students normally enroll this research paper in their second year of study, normally for two semesters (i.e. Semester 4 & 5).

Research Paper
EBA6495 Corporate Business Project

For further information, please contact :

Associate Professor Dr Venus Khim-Sen Liew
CMBA Programme Coordinator
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
94300 Kota Samarahan,Sarawak, MALAYSIA
Tel : +(60-82) 584291
Fax : +(60-82) 583999
Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.