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Mentor Mentee

Written by Administrator.

UNIMAS constantly gives priority to academic excellence and personal development of each student. One approach that may help to materialise that goal is to establish a two-way relationships between students and academics at each faculty through the mentor-mentee system. Through this system, each student (mentee) will be given guidance and advice by an academic (mentor) in various aspects, especially those related to academic affairs.

The system is also emphasize other guidance required by students to survivethe challenges, not only as a student but also as a youth, who faces psychological and identity changes. Mentor plays an important role as advisors as well as example of Positive Role Model to the mentee in many aspects. The effectiveness of this system depends on the commitment and cooperation between both parties.Implementation of the mentor-mentee system benefits the students, the lecturers and the university. Mentors can be acquainted with students more closely and this interaction process enables them to have mutual understanding and respect for one another.

Mentor’s Duties

  • Hold a meeting with the mentee, at least 2-3 times a month;
  • Monitor current academic progress and development of each mentee;
  • Listen and provide guidance to a mentee if problem arises;
  • Keep the mentee information confidential; Refer the mentee to relevant experts in solving specific problems;
  • Maintain a good relationship with the mentee so that the implementation of the system will be more effective.

Mentee’S Duty or Responsibilities

  • Make an appointment with a mentor at least 2-3 times a month;
  • Ask for advice and guidance from a mentor if there are any concerns;
  • Responsible for own academic progress and personal development;
  • Follow-up on the recommendations and advice given by a mentor;
  • and Maintain a good relationship with the mentor so that the implementation of the system will be more effective.