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Code of Ethics: Sexual Harassment

Written by Administrator.

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has specific procedures to address sexual harassment complaints. Sexual harassment is defined as sexual oriented behaviour with unwelcomed, unwanted and undesired sexual elements. Such behavior would cause a person to feel disgusted, insulted and threatened. Sexual harassment can be categorized into five types as follows:

  1. Verbal:
    For example: words and obscene and disgusting jokes, comments, innuendoes and sexual oriented conversation;
  2. Non-verbal /Body Language:
    For example: ogling, licking lips in a provocative way, hand gestures or sign languages to indicate sexual activity;
  3. Visual:
    For example: displaying pornographic images, disgusting images, sketches or sexual writings and exposing sexual parts;
  4. Psychological:
    For example: continued repetition of unwelcomed social invitations;
  5. Physical:
    For example: Uncouth behavior such as touching, patting, pinching, molesting, hugging, kissing, and sexual assault.

The university views the sexual harassment issues seriously. Students are asked not to remain silent if they experienced sexual harassment as described above. The students’ courage will help prevent this problem and save others from becoming victiIf you experience sexual harassment, please contact your Mentor / Counselor / Head of Department / Deputy Dean / Dean or any university staff whom you trust. All enquiries and complaints made will be kept confidential and considered in a fair manner.