Quality Policy of Faculty of Engineering


Educational Objectives

  1. Applying Engineering knowledge based on solid foundation in respective Engineering areas for the needs of the stakeholders
  2. Uphold the professionalism and ethics of the engineering profession in national and international arena
  3. Possessing communication and interpersonal skills to meet the nation's and stakeholders aspiration
  4. Promote multiculturl harmony and unity amongst different races and cultures by involvement in the technical or non-technical societies.


Quality Policy

Faculty of Engineering is committed to become the preferred faculty chosen by prospective students and to produce excellent and quality graduates by providing outstanding teaching services through the recruiting of quality and qualified lecturers.


Quality Objectives

  1. Ensure that the implementation of teaching plan is 100% achieved.
  2. Ensure adequate resources to facilitate the implementation of teaching, learning and assessment activities.
  3. Ensure sufficient and qualified lecturers.
  4. Ensure that customer satisfaction is 100% achieved.


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