PM Dr Al-Khalid

PhD (Digital Signal Processing-Underwater Acoustic Networks) (University of Newcastle,UK)
MSc (Information Technology-Digital) (Nottingham University)
BEng(Hons) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) (Nottingham Trent University)
Phone No. : 082 58 3325
Email( : okhalid
Area(s) of Specialization : Telecommunication, Wireless Sensor Network, Renewable Energy


Academic and other relevant appointments:    

  1. Head of Energy Group, Centre of Excellence for Rural Informatics (CoERI), UNIMAS
  2. Head of Solar PV Group, Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy (CoERE), UNIMAS
  3. Fellow, Institute of Social Informatics, and Technology Innovation (ISITI), UNIMAS


Teaching and Learning Activities
Courses taught/coordinated:    
Undergraduate courses Taught at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

  1. KNL 3333 Data and Computer Network
  2. KNT3163 Telecommunication Network and Services

Research and Development
Research Grant:    
1. JARIMAS – JKR L18403/F02/00/JARIMAS – completed
Research Title: Sustainable Instream Horizontal Micro-Hydro Turbine Generator (JARIMAS Turbine)
Researcher: Leader
Budget: RM 1,249,500.00

2. UNIMAS Strategic Manpower Study for SCORE –
Research Title: Strategic for Manpower for SCORE: Energy Based Cluster
Researcher: Leader
Budget: 223,940.63

Research Title: Underwater Sensor Network Protocol and Localization
Researcher: Leader
Budget: 32,000.00


Contribution to Management
Administrative Duties:    

  1. Deputy Dean (Undergraduate and Student Development)
  2. UNIMAS Technology Expert Panel
  3. Faculty of Engineering Expert Panel
  4. Expert Panel for Knowledge Transfer Program X
  5. Ahli Majlis Jemaah Dekan-Dekan Kejuruteraan di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA)
  6. Member of Projek Business Intelligence (INMINDS)
  7. PPK Exam Moderator for J Scheme

Professional Memberships    
Board of Engineers Malaysia