Research and Development

Research Area of Interest 

  1. Thin film processing and their characterizations
  2. Nanoparticle synthesis and their characterizations
  3. Synthesis of nanostructures using sol-gel method for bio, UV and gas sensing applications

Research Projects 

  1. Synthesis of ZnO nanostructures for gas sensing applications

Selected Publications 

  1. M. Kashif, U. Hashim, M. E. Ali, K. L. Foo, Syed M. Usman Ali, “Morphological, Structural, and Electrical Characterization of Sol-gel Synthesized ZnO Nanorods”, Journal of Nanomaterials 478942-48 (2013) ) (ISI- Cited Publication, IF= 1.611)
  2. M. Kashif, M. E. Ali, Syed M. Usman Ali, U. Hashim, “Sol–gel synthesis of Pd doped ZnO nanorods for room temperature hydrogen sensing applications”, Ceramics International 34 (6), 6461-6466 (2013) (ISI- Cited Publication, IF= 2.086)
  3. M. Kashif, M. E. Ali, Syed M. Usman Ali, U. Hashim, Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid, “Impact of hydrogen concentrations on the impedance spectroscopic behavior of Pd-sensitized ZnO nanorods”, Nanoscale Research Letters 8(68), 1-9 (2013) (ISI- Cited Publication, IF= 2.481)
  4. M. Kashif, Syed M. Usman Ali, M. E. Ali, H. I. Abdulgafour, U. Hashim, M. Willander, Z. Hassan, “Morphological, optical, and Raman characteristics of ZnO nanoflakes prepared via a sol–gel method”, Physica Status Solidi A 209(1), 143–147 (2012) ) (ISI- Cited Publication, IF= 1.525) 
  5. M. Kashif, U. Hashim, M. E. Ali, A. A. Saif, Syed M. Usman Ali, Magnus Willander, “Structural and impedance spectroscopy study of Al-doped ZnO nanorods grown by sol-gel method”, Microelectronics International, Vol. 29 (3), pp. 131 – 135 (2012) ) (ISI- Cited Publication, IF= 0.872)

Professional Memberships 

  1. Pakistan Engineering Council, Life time Member, 2005, (National)