Seminar Series 2015 (Emulsion Liquid Membrane for Reactive Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution)


Please to announce the following FK Seminar Series. All faculty members are cordially invited to attend this seminar; note that attendance is compulsory for staff from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Energy Sustainability

 Date: 25, November  2015 (Wednesday)
 Time: 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
 Venue:  Mechanical Meeting Room Level 2, FK
 Speaker: Norlisa Hj. Mili
 Title: Emulsion Liquid Membrane for Reactive Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution
The aim of this study is to formulate a system for removal of reactive dye such as Turquoise Blue (TB), Red 3BS (R3BS) and Black B (BB) from aqueous solution using emulsion liquid membrane (ELM) process. In liquid membrane formulation, several carriers and stripping agents were used to test extraction performance on reactive dyes using liquid-liquid extraction process. The extraction of TB, R3BS and BB were almost 100% using Tridodecylamine (TDA). In general, the ELM formulation was employed and successfully removed reactive dyes. This study showed that the formulation of ELM for the removal of reactive dyes from aqueous solution was excellent. The advantage of this research is the recovering of the dyes. High voltage coalesce was applied to break the emulsion hence, enables recovery of dyes in the receiving phase.