Message from the Head of Department of Chemical Engineering and Energy Sustainability


Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering and Energy Sustainability. This department is established to meet the demand of chemical engineers in Malaysia, a country which is rich with its natural resources such as oil, gas, coal, palm oil, and biochemical. The processing of these resources requires knowledge in chemical engineering, such as mass and heat transfers, chemical reaction engineering, proper control of processes and etc. Issues in energy management and pollution related to these natural resources must also be handled wisely, and due to this, chemical engineers play important role in the economic development of Malaysia.

Currently, this department offers Chemical Engineering program starting from July 2009. Due to the energy and environmental concern around the globe, there is a demand for courses on alternative energy as well as energy conservation and sustainability.  Sharing the same concern, we are incorporating these issues into the development of our program, where it is designed to cover the fundamental knowledge in chemical engineering and towards a niche area of energy sustainability. The program is offered to students who completed their matriculation and STPM courses. Master and Doctoral degrees by research are also offered, and it is a great pleasure to welcome post-graduate students who are interested to work in chemical-related areas such as drying, mass and heat transfers, modeling, reaction kinetics, process safety, fuel cell, solar PV/thermal, palm-diesel biofuels and biomass and air-conditioning. We would also like to invite potential candidates with Degrees in Chemical Engineering to involve in the development of teaching and research in this department.

If you are interested to visit us or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,



Dr Shanti

Dr. Shanti Faridah Saleh
Department of Chemical Engineering and Energy Sustainibility


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