Programme Structure Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering offers Bachelor degree programme in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. This program is a 4 year course (8 semesters) where the students will undertake their industrial training for 10 weeks during the inter-session after their sixth semester.

Since first introduced in 1996, the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Programme had undergone continual improvements with input from various stakeholders. The programme has been developed according to the following qualifying components by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) :

a) A minimum of 120 credit hours of which at least 80 credit hours are engineering courses offered over a period of four years.

b) Each tutorial class only has a maximum of 30 students.

c) For laboratory work, each group has not more than 5 students.

d) Minimum of 8 weeks of industrial training.

e) Minimum 6 credit hours involving final year project.


The programme structures for the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering are as follows:

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