Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering



Courses Offered

The Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering offers the following course:

BEng (Hons) Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering.


Courses Detail

Mechanical engineers are vital to the country’s economic and infrastructure development as they play a pivotal role in the designing, development, manufacturing and maintenance of all the components which improve and support the systems and structure of our modern way of life.

The student attending this programme will be exposed to an integrated education system enable them to be far-sighted and function not just as an engineer which will but also as a skilful manager.

The aim of this programme therefore, is to impart the relevant knowledge and skills to cultivate a high level of self-confidence to enable graduates to become competitive, efficient, accountable, far-sighted engineers offering high quality professional service.


What is Covered in this Programme?

Year 1
Strong understanding in mechanical engineering concept and developing basic mathematics are the main focus in the first year of study. A few engineering preliminary courses are offered such as static, dynamics, material engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and engineering programming. While for the second semester, the students need to perform experiments in the labs for better theoretical understanding.

Year 2
Advanced mechanical courses are continue while a few preliminary manufacturing system courses are introduced such as Electrical Engineering Technology, Electronics and Manufacturing Technology. Engineering Design are introduce in the second semester to make the student more creative and contemporary. In the second semester also, the students need to perform advanced experiments in labs to understand more about the theory taught in the second semester.

Year 3
Advanced courses in mechanical and manufacturing system are continued. Those courses including Advanced Material Engineering, Instrumentation and Control, Network and Communication Industry, Energy for Manufacturing, and Manufacturing System itself. In the second semester, the students need undergo industrial training for 16 weeks. The objective of this program is to let the students deeply understand in practical on what they have learnt in engineering field before. Hopefully they become open-minded and exposed to the real engineering and manufacturing system world and take this opportunity as a platform to start the career as an engineer.

Year 4
In the final year, the focus is more on the majoring in mechanical engineering and manufacturing system. The students are exposed to the courses such as Advanced Manufacturing System, Robotics and Automation, Quality Control and Reliability, and also Engineering Management. All the final year students should do engineering project that need them to prepare the thesis and also project presentation. The duration for completing this project is two semesters.


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