Seminar Series 2015 (Design of the Roller Clamp Robotic Assembly System)




Please to announce the following FK Seminar Series. All faculty members are cordially invited to attend this seminar; note that attendance is compulsory for staff from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Date: 15 October  2015 (Thursday)
Time: 2 pm - 3pm

Venue:  Mechanical Meeting Room, Level 2, FK

Speaker: Dr Ngu Sze Song

Title: Design of the Roller Clamp Robotic Assembly System
This work deal with the design of the robotic system for the roller clamps. The task is characterized by high speed, high yield and safety engagement. This paper describes the design of different parts of an automated high speed machine to assemble the parts of roller clamps. The roller clamp robotic assembly system performs various processes in the assembly line which include clamp body and roller feeding, inserting the roller into the clamp body, and dividing the rejected clamp and successfully assembled clamp into their own tray. The electrical/electronics design of the machine is discussed. The target is to design a cost effective, minimum maintenance and high speed machine for the industry applications.

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