Seminar Series 2015 ( Introduction to Ansys Fluent )


Please to announce the following FK Seminar Series. All faculty members are cordially invited to attend this seminar; note that attendance is compulsory for staff from the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing  Engineering
Date:21, October  2015 (Wed)
Time: 2.30 pm - 3.30pm
Venue:  Mechanical Meeting Room, Level 2, FK
Speaker: Ir Dr Mohd Danial Ibrahim
Title:  Introduction to Ansys Fluent
This sharing session will provide users on the introduction of Ansys Fluent in a CFD environment. CFD is a powerful tool to visualize the behavior of fluid in research. In this talk, users will be introduced on how to basically run a simple model using Ansys. The model that will be introduced is a basic piping and how to construct the models according to the environment. The sharing session will also discuss on how the post processing CFD software is crucial in making the numerical model represents the real model. The sharing session includes ways on how to do; modelling, meshing, parameter settings, and post processing.
By : Dr Md Rezaur Rahman
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