“BEYOND THE LIMIT” Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department Orientation Camp 2015


Games at the beach



"Pesen Show' (heroic costume theme)



Sand Castle


Orientation Camp for the newly-registered students is an annual event of the Mechanical and Manufacturing Department. This year, under the name of Students Association of Faculty of Engineering (SAFE) and Mechanical and Manufacturing Department, we had conducted the orientation camp on the 10th and 11th October 2015 at Pandan Beach Camping Ground, Lundu. The participants of this camp consist of 122 1st year students of Mechanical and Manufacturing Department for the 2015/2016 session and Ir. Dr. Mohd Danial Ibrahim as the lecturer-in-charge during the camp.

The objectives of this orientation camp were;

1. To strengthen the friendship bonding among the participants.

    As we all know, the participants came from different academic backgrounds. Some of them are from UNIMAS foundation program, Matriculation College, STPM students and Diploma students. Before the orientation, we can see that the students are keen to stay among their comfort groups only. This caused difficulties when they are needed to work in teams where they are not able to work together. Furthermore, there are four international students from Bangladesh who had difficulties due to the language barrier and cultural background. After the camp, the international students said that they found it easier to communicate with the other students since they are closer now.

2. To challenge the critical thinking of the students

    During the orientation camp, there were challenging activities that required the participants to think creatively and innovatively. The activities such as building the most beautiful and inspired sand castle, fashion show where they are needed to work in teams to create a heroic costume out of old newspaper. The participants also needed to use their power of critical thinking during the 'Masakan Ala Rimba' where they are given 3 fish per group, salt and turmeric powder and had to cook the fish.

3. To develop the leadership skills among the participants

    The participants were divided into 12 groups where each group must appoint a leader. The leaders were asked to take good care of the team members. We also gave award to the best team leader as an encouragement for the team leaders to become the best leader.  

It is important for this orientation camp to be conducted annually not only for the benefits of the new students but also for the seniors because they can learnt how to handle such activity in the future.


Prepared by
Emerald Michelle Anak Sulong
Edited by
Assoc Prof Dr Syed Tarmizi Syed Shazali


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