Energy and Construction Management (Ecom)

The construction industry is a vehicle through which a nation’s physical developments are activated by initiating projects from the ideas from needs and demands to the implementation stage. The realisation of buildings, infrastructure and facilities undoubtedly bring much benefit to society as a whole, satisfying the aspirations of a nation and resulting in national economic growth and status enhancement. However, the construction projects are amazingly complex due to technological divisions, multi party tasking and various external risks which requires a myriad of skills, communication, law and regulations, labour and equipment and resources in bringing about greater success for every project undertakings.

Energy and Construction Management Group (ECoM) formed in the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak is a specialist group, exist to address both technological, regulatory and management issues related to Energy and Construction Management. Our experts with research expertise as described in the following are committed to generate better advancement in areas of Energy and Construction Management via teaching; research through locally and internationally funded grants; and working and collaborating with our industry partners. The group seek to diligently work on and provide solutions to and bring about progression to the construction industry and the nation as a whole.

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