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                                                        Upcoming Conferences & Workshops
                                                                             Final Year Project Symposium 2014

Final Year Project (FYP) Symposium is a showcase of the finding of FYP conducted at the Faculty of Engineering. FYP Symposium is an annual event which is opened to the industries and public in effort to promote industrial engagement in the academic program offered by Faculty of Engineering. Research projects from four engineering disciplines in the Faculty of Engineering, i.e. civil, mechanical, electronic and chemical engineering, will be presented in this symposium. For more details, please read our FYP Symposium brochure or please contact;

  1. Civil: (sfauzan)
  2. Mechanical: (jannisa)
  3. Electronics: (ahhhijazi)
  4. Chemical: (aznsyuhada)

Click here to view the FYP presentation schedule.


30 June - 02 July 2014

Engineering Conference (ENCON) 2014 [Call for papers]

Engineering Conference (ENCON) has been and still is the ‑flagship international conference organized for the last several years by the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. In the year 2014, 7th ENCON would be organized in the beautiful city of Kuching. In the recent past the issues of green technology and sustainable development have been the major regional and global issues. The theme of ENCON 2014 has therefore been set as “ADVANCES IN PROCESS ENGINEERING AND GREEN ENERGY " (read more)

08-10 December 2014


Seminar on Research and Education in Geotechnical Engineering


The Geotechnical Engineering Division of Universiti MAlaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is glad to announce the seminar on Research and Education in Geotechnical Engineering in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak during 2-3 April 2014. For more details and registration,please read our Geotechnical Engineering Seminar brochure and bulletin or please contact;


i) Pn Dygku Salma Awg Ismail (Phone:082583268; Email:  (aidsalma)
ii) Prof Kaniraj Shenbaga (Phone:082583225; Email : (rkjshenbaga)




02-03 April 2014

                                                        Past Conferences & Workshops

World Hybrid Technologies and Energy Conference 2013 

World Hybrid Technologies and Energy Conference (WorldHybrid2013) is part of the UNIMAS International Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEMfest 2013), in 2013 over 250 international and national delegates attended 3 days of presentations, workshops and seminars
       29 Sept-01 Oct 2013

Engineering Conference (ENCON) 2013


   01-04 July 2013

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