Seminar Series 2015 (Function of Annealing and Interlayer to The OSCs Performances)


Please to announce the following FK Seminar Series. All faculty members are cordially invited to attend this seminar; note that attendance is compulsory for staff from the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Date: 2, October 2015 (Friday)
Time: 10 am - 11 am

Venue: Mechanical Meeting Room, Level 2, FK

Speaker: Dr Nur Tahirah bt Razali

Title: Function of annealing and interlayer to the OSCs performances

This research investigates the effect of annealing and interlayer to Organic Solar Cells (OSCs) performances. Regular and inverted structure OSCs were fabricated with and without annealing, and with and without interlayer. The solar cell parameters and morphological changes were characterized using solar simulator, EDS, UV-Vis Spectroscopy and XRD. The results show that annealing and insertion of interlayer improved the OSCs performances.

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