Research Outcome of Prof. Dr. Engr M.Shahidul Islam of 2015

A. Research of Prof. Dr. Engr M.Shahidul Islam  is in National Media

At National television tv1 


At TV about research  outcome and implementation at Sadong Jaya Desalination project . On 5th February, 2015. 


At National Newspaper

At Air bersih UNIMAS Kejayaan pasukan penyelidik UNIMAS mereka bentuk, membangun, membina loji rawatan air bersih di Sadong Jaya, Sarawak 23 February 2015  and   Borneo Post on 22.02.2015

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At Borneo post 09th November ,UNIMAS Won Four Awards At 67th Nuremberg International Trade Fair In Germany


Dr. Mohamad Kadim Suaidi (dua dari kanan) menunjukkan isyarat bagus atas kejayaan . About  research  outcome and implementation at Sadong Jaya Desalination project.


KUCHING, Nov 9 (Bernama) -- It was a successful outing for Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) at the 67th International Trade Fair for "Ideas-Inventions-New Products" (iENA) in Nuremberg, Germany from Oct 29 to Nov 1.Its vice-chancellor Prof Dato' Dr Mohamad Kadim Suaidi said UNIMAS won a gold, a silver and two bronze awards for its efforts.Speaking to the media here today, he said more than 36 countries participated in the fair with 700 products introduced."The gold award came from our Engineering Faculty lecturer, Prof Dr M. Shahidul Islam."He submitted his product, 'Novel Research on Desalination Process Plant Capacity Optimization: In the Aspect of Commercialization, Energy and Environment Sustainability," Mohamed Kadim said. He said back home, Shahidul's entry had been used to provide treated and clean water from the river for the villagers of Kampung Sadong Jaya, here.


B. Prof. Dr. Engr .M. Shahidul Islam a lead contributor in workshop on Research Methodology for industrial applications 

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Workshop( 20-21 October ) opened by Dato’ Prof. Dr. Mohamad Kadim Suaidi, Vice Chancellor, UNIMAS  at Merdeak Place Hotel. The participants were from Industry. 



C. Successful Piloting of Biomass membrane base Desalination Research product  of  Prof. Dr.Engr. M. Shahidul Islam


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 Desalination at Sadong Jaya , Sarawak, Malaysia         Plant at Kg Lalhoh , Kelantan, Malaysia 

Two pilot projects have been successfully commissioned in Malaysia. The first one at Sadong Jaya, Sarawak  on 1st February, 2015. Project open to public  by YB Nancy Shukri  on 06.02.2015 to. The Second one is at Kg Lalhoh , Kelantan on 10th March, 2015. The product water of these plant are dedicated for public use.  Dato’ Prof. Dr. Mohamad Kadim Suaidi, Vice Chancellor, UNIMAS has officially  open to Public     


D. Desalination Research Product Commercialization Activities of   Prof. Dr.Engr. M. Shahidul Islam


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Two largest stakeholders involved in Fresh water production and distribution in Malaysia have shown their keen interest to purchase Biomass membrane base Desalination Research product from Prof. Dr.Engr. M. Shahidul Islam. At left lead research is with at KKLW on 8th June, 2015. At right, lead research is with ZKR at plant site Sadong Jaya on 12th February,2015.


E. Prof. Dr.Engr. M. Shahidul Islam was awards for his research outcome on Biomass membrane base Desalination  


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  1) Biomass membrane base laboratory scale desalination                2) Gold medal awarded  by IENA    2015, Germany                                      3.) Gold medal awarded  by RIMC , UNIMAS, 14th April, 2015, Germany



F. MOA Signing for selling Research product of Prof. Dr. M.Shahidul  Islam


MOA signed between UNIMAS and Darmaga Snd BhD on 13th April , 2015 for selling of Biomass membrane desalination machine  in Malaysian market. 



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