Seminar Series: Jan 2011



TOPIC :  Standard Form of Construction Contract: A Study of the Application of  Fèdèration Internationale des Ingènieurs- Conseils (FIDIC) IN MALAYSIA

SPEAKER : Ir Ting Sim Nee



In line with this development in Standard Form of Contract in Malaysia, this research attempts to examine the application of Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs- Conseils (FIDIC) in the Malaysian construction’s industry since its publication in 1987. Due to the lack of experience and knowledge for local contract users when using FIDIC, semi-structured interviews were used on eight professional respondents from west and east Malaysia who had used FIDIC to collect data on the application of this standard form. It concludes that FIDIC was not widely used but it is still applicable when it comes to international projects funded by the World Bank. The comments on the advantages and disadvantages by respondents were shown in the paper and the overall performance of FIDIC in Malaysia is gauged in this research.





TOPIC :  PVA-Calcium Oxide Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

SPEAKER : Norfamila Che Mat


The large scale utilization of Nafion® in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell( DMFC) is still constrained by high methanol permeability and high temperature dehydration. The methanol crossover in DMFC can be minimized by using pervaporation membrane such as Poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) due to higher water selectivity over alcohol. Incoporation of hygroscopic oxide particle into polyelectroylte membrane for DMFC has draw interest among researchers as it has been reported being able to improve the water retentation at the elevated temperature attributed to the excellences thermal stability and high swelling resistances. In this work, new composite membrane comprised of poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) and Calcium Oxide were fabricated by using sol-gel method. The objectives of this study were to investigate the effect of CaO addition to the PVA conductivity, water uptake, and methanol permeabilty properties. From the result of the study, CaO have the profound effects on the PVA conductivity, water uptakes and methanol permeability properties thus show a potential to be used for direct methanol fuel cell applications.

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