Conferences/Seminar Attended

1. Hasan, A., Suazo, G., Doherty, J. and Fourie, A. (2014) "In situ measurements of cemented paste backflling in an operating stope at Lanfranchi mine". Minefill2014, Perth, Australia.
2. Hasan, A., Suazo, G., and Fourie, A. (2013) "Full scale experiments on the effectiveness of a drainage system for cemented paste backfill", Paste2013, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
3. Hasan, A., Chareyre, B., Kozicki, J., Flin, F., Darve, F., Meyssonnier, J. (2010) "Microtomography-based Discrete Element Modeling to Simulate Snow Microstructure Deformation." AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, United States.
4. Hasan, A., Alshibli, K., Heinrich, J., Rivers, M., & Eng, P. (2008). "Visualization of Shear Band in Sand Using Synchrotron Micro Tomography". GeoCongress 2008, New Orleans, United States.

Workshop / Training Attended

1. Workshop: The Best Practices in Mine Backfill Technologies (at Minefill2014, Perth, Australia).
2. Short Course: Tailings preparation, transport and deposition (at Paste2013, Belo Horizonte, Brazil).


1. The best graduate in Civil Engineering Department, Universitas Andalas 2001.

Member of Association/Others

1. American Geophysical Union (AGU), member.
2. Geo-Institute, American Society of Civil Engineer, served as a member of Geo-Institute Student Presidential Group 2008-2009.


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