PhD (by Coursework and Research) (Geotechnical) (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, United States, 2009)
MSc (by Coursework and Research) (Geotechnical) (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 2005)
BEng (Civil) (Universitas Andalas, Padang, Indonesia, 2001)
Phone No. : 082 58 3231
Email(@unimas.my) : halsidqi
Area(s) of Specialization : Geotechnical Engineering
Others Qualification

Research Associate and Lecturer (University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, 2011-2014)
 Visiting Scientist (Meteo France, Grenoble, France, 2010-2011)
Postdoc (Laboratoire 3S-R, Grenoble, France, 2009-2010)


Teaching-Learning Activities
Courses Taugh / Coordinated    

 Environmental Geotechnics (Geng5502) Semester 2 year 2013, University of Western Australia

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (Civl4121) Semester 2 year 2012, University of Western Australia

Supervision of Student

Final Year Projects at University of Western Australia

Research and Development
Research Area of Interest    

Geotechnical Engineering

Research Projects    

1.  Full Scale Measurements of Cemented Paste Backfilling, ARC Linkage Project, University of Western Australia, 2011-2014 (Research Associate).

2. ECM Faculty Early Career Research Development, University of Western Australia: "Validated Four-Dimensional (4D) Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) for simulating the behavior of Cemented Paste Backfill: Numerical Modelling and Experiments". 2013-2014. (Chief Investigator)
3. Australian Synchrotron Beamline with Travel Assistance: "Integrated Experimental-Computational Multiscale Approach to Study Hydrating-Consolidating Cemented Paste Backfill". 2013 (Investigator)
4. Microtomography-based Discrete Element Modelling to study the deformation and metamorphisms in snow particles, Meteo-France, 2010-2011 (Visiting Scientist).
5. Microtomography-based Discrete Element Modelling to study the creep deformation of snow particles, Laboratoire 3S-R, 2009-2010 (Postdoc Research Associate).

 Selected Publications

1. Hasan, A. and Alshibli, K. A. (2012) "3D Fabric Evolution of Sheared Sand". Granular Matter,Vol. 14, No. 4 (2012), 469-482, DOI: 10.1007/s10035-012-0353-0

2. Hasan, A., & Alshibli, K.(2010)."DEM Simulation of Strength Properties of JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant". ASCE, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Vol. 23 (3), 157-165.
3. Hasan, A., & Alshibli, K.(2010)."Experimental Assessment of 3D Particle-to-Particle Interaction within Sheared Sand using Synchrotron Microtomography". Geotechnique, Vol. 60(5), 98.
4. Fridjonsson, E., Hasan, A., Johns, M., Fourie, A. (2013) "Pore Structure in a Gold Mine Cemented Paste Backfill”. Minerals Engineering Vol 53
5. Alshibli, K., & Hasan, A. (2008). "Spatial variation of void ratio and shear band thickness in sand using X-ray computed tomography". Geotechnique, Vol.58 (4), 249-257.
6. Alshibli, K., & Hasan, A. (2009)."Strength Properties of JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant". ASCE, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Vol. 135 (5), 673-678. Gotechnique. 60(5), 369-379.
7. Hasan, A., Suazo, G., Doherty, J. and Fourie, A. (2014) "In-stope measurements at two Western Australian mine sites" Paste2014, Vancouver


Professional Memberships    

1. Engineer in Training (EIT), Registered in Louisiana, USA

Conferences/Seminar Attended

1. Hasan, A., Suazo, G., Doherty, J. and Fourie, A. (2014) "In situ measurements of cemented paste backflling in an operating stope at Lanfranchi mine". Minefill2014, Perth, Australia.
2. Hasan, A., Suazo, G., and Fourie, A. (2013) "Full scale experiments on the effectiveness of a drainage system for cemented paste backfill", Paste2013, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
3. Hasan, A., Chareyre, B., Kozicki, J., Flin, F., Darve, F., Meyssonnier, J. (2010) "Microtomography-based Discrete Element Modeling to Simulate Snow Microstructure Deformation." AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, United States.
4. Hasan, A., Alshibli, K., Heinrich, J., Rivers, M., & Eng, P. (2008). "Visualization of Shear Band in Sand Using Synchrotron Micro Tomography". GeoCongress 2008, New Orleans, United States.

Workshop / Training Attended

1. Workshop: The Best Practices in Mine Backfill Technologies (at Minefill2014, Perth, Australia).
2. Short Course: Tailings preparation, transport and deposition (at Paste2013, Belo Horizonte, Brazil).


1. The best graduate in Civil Engineering Department, Universitas Andalas 2001.

Member of Association/Others

1. American Geophysical Union (AGU), member.
2. Geo-Institute, American Society of Civil Engineer, served as a member of Geo-Institute Student Presidential Group 2008-2009.


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