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The department was established in January 2009 in the faculty’s pursuit of excellence in the field of Pathology. The department is dedicated in providing the best teaching and learning platform for the Medical and Nursing undergraduate programmes. The department is also devoted in offering diagnostic pathology services in collaboration with the Department of Pathology, Sarawak General Hospital.



The Department of Pathology is to be the centre of excellence in education, research, training and consultation in Pathology, supported by highly motivated, innovative, competitive and committed staff at all levels, working in an environment that is liberal, tolerant and caring, infused with strong moral and ethical value. All these are in line with the mission of the faculty, Unimas and the nation.


Our Goals 

In EDUCATION is to impart knowledge on the fundamental understanding of Pathology and mechanism of diseases along with applying the skill in interpretation of pathological result. 

In RESEARCH is to provide an academic research environment that allows our faculty, students, fellow and staff to succeed and excel.

 In TRAINING is to share the knowledge and skills gained in its various activities while encouraging continuous professional growth so that each individual can excel, and pursue avenues that lead to national and international recognition.

 In CONSULTATION and SERVICE is to achieve excellence with innovative diagnostic pathology service in support of patient care, the community and the ongoing expansion of medical knowledge.

 For PATHOLOGY STAFF is to provide supportive work environment and instill professional culture that is based on excellence, integrity, accountability, reliability, teamwork and respect.


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