Medic 3


Academic Contribution

The department plays a vital role in supporting teaching and learning particularly in the Medical and Nursing undergraduate programmes. The department is involved directly in preclinical (Phase I) as well as clinical (Phase 2) undergraduate courses. The department is coordinating 2 phase II minor postings which are MDP40102 Forensic Medicine and MDP40902 Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory. The main aim is to provide students with all the necessary foundation knowledge needed in the practice of Medicine in general.

The Pathology Prize

This prize is introduced to nurture students’ interest in the rapidly expanding discipline of Pathology. This prize will be awarded to the best student in this subject based on his or her performance in the preclinical Medical programme. 5 best performing students in the subject of Pathology are identified every year. A viva voce will be conducted to identify the prize winner. Currently we already 2 winners from the past two academic years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.


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