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Consideration for the Deferment of Registration 

Students who are sick for extended periods of time are allowed by the Faculty to defer their registrations. In such cases, an appropriate verification from a registered medical doctor is required. In special cases where the verification is not from a registered medical doctor, postponement for registration can be considered if the student initially sought medical treatment.

In psychiatric cases, approval for course re-registration will be subjected to the recommendation of the doctor involved. The medical doctors who provide treatment and verification for students must be either, government doctors, the University's doctors, doctors from the University panel's or other doctors recognised by the University.

All decisions relating to such applications are made at Faculty level. 

Consideration for the Deferment of an Examination

Students who are sick or who are having serious problems during the period of their examination may be given permission by the faculty to defer sitting for the examination. Any request for a deferment should be made within 48 hours of the examination.

Any application to defer the sitting of the examinations on medical grounds must be made with verification from the registered medical doctor who is treating the student. The attending doctor must be either a government doctor, a University's doctor or a doctor from the University's panel.

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