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Anatomy Unit:

Anatomy provides its learners with a starting point from which to develop understanding of the construction of the human body, basic language of medicine and appreciation of the superb engineering below the skin. The unit is actively involved in teaching of the undergraduate medical and nursing programmes of the Faculty of Medicine and  Health Sciences. The staffs conduct the teaching of all the anatomical components ( Gross Anatomy, Histology, Embryology and Neuroanatomy ) though lectures and practical sessions focusing on major anatomical concepts that include its clinical relationship.


AP Dr Tin Moe Nwe 

AP Dr Lucy Kyaw Mya

Dr Saiful Bahri Talip 

Biochemistry Unit:

Biochemistry is one of the core subjects taught in the undergraduatemedical programme since the inception of the integrated problem-based (PBL) medical curriculum at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in 1994. Members of the unit are also involved in the supervision of undergraduate medical student research projects for the Elective I course (MDP 20505). In addition, members also contribute in the teaching of basic medical sciences topics in the undergraduate nursing programme at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


AP Dr Zunika binti Amit (Head of Department)

AP Dr Muna binti Sabri

Dr Angela Siner

Physiology Unit:

Physiology is a link between basic sciences and medicine. The beauty of Physiology is that it integrates the individual function of all the body's cells, tissue and organs into a functional whole, the human body. Member within the unit are involved in teaching PBL based curriculum, lectures and practicals.


AP Dr Khin Cho Aung

Dr Mar Mar Lwin

Dr Myat Su Bo 

Dr Muhammad Hamdi Mahmood

Pn Siti Maryam Ahmad Kendong 

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