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Welcome to the Medical Department of Medicine Website

Each and every department plays and integral part in the development and teaching in the medical and nursing programme.

The broad aim of the department is to give students an appreciation of the whole spectrum of the health care in the hospital setting.

Goals and Objectives of the Medical Programme

  • To promote effective acquisition and understanding of the core knowledge of basic medical sciences.
  • To promote acquisition of the knowledge and skills for competent patient care and health promotion specifically at the primary level, but to be broad based enough to be a foundation for further training at secondary and tertiary levels.
  • To emphasize the importance of individual, family, community and cultural differences in the manifestations and impact of physical and mental illness.
  • To foster desirable attitudes to ensure humane, ethical and cost-effective health care delivery.
  • To encourage interest and skills in self-directed lifelong learning.
  • To develop skills in information handling.
  • To understand the concepts of scientific research methodologies.


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