Medic 8


Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of:

  1. Applied basic sciences pertaining to surgery
  2. Basic surgical principles
  3. Common surgical disorders and injuries
  4. Common surgical emergencies


Acquire and demonstrate skills in:

  1. Communication, history taking and clinical examination for the diagnosis of common surgical conditions.
  2. Interpreting results of relevant investigations
  3. Performing basic surgical procedures
  4. Delivering health education emphasizing preventive aspects of surgical  conditions.


Foster the development of correct attitude in:

  1. Patient management and care using available resources.
  2. Providing community health care
  3. Continuing medical education, self directed learning and basic research
  4. Observing moral and legal codes of medical ethics
  5. Interpersonal relationships and cooperation with other professionals.
  6. Appropriate and prompt referral of certain surgical conditions.

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