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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology [O&G] of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UNIMAS is pleased to response to your inquiry. Our O&G educational program emphasizes the total development of highly competent doctors who will be an integral part of the community and will be sensitive to its need. The program strives to promote the learning of the biological aspects of women health and disease. It will endeavour to inculcate in our students high moral and ethical values, and will train them to be versatile in the art of effective communication. These qualities will be achieved through an innovative, broad-based, student-centered, problem-based educational program, which is community oriented, and achieves as a balance between the art and science of medicine.

The department supports the Nursing Program and Master of Public Health. It also provides and strengthens the O&G services at Sarawak General Hospital and Sebayor Medical Centre.

Thank you

Associate Professor Dr Soe Lwin

Head of Department

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