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This section contains brief information about research activities in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences. Specific project enquiries can be directed to the individual staff:


  1. Transarticular invasion of primary bone tumour into the joint  (Dr Tin Moe Nwe) 
  2. Assembly of myofilaments during myofibrillogenesis in cultured skeletal muscle cells (Dr Tin Moe New)
  3. Variations of extensor muscles and tendons of the hand (Dr Tin Moe Nwe)
  4. Pedagogy:the study of teaching methods, including the aims of education and the ways to which such goals should be achieved (Dr Nan Ommar)
  5. The effect of tocotrienol rich fraction on chronic restraint stress induced changes in the hippocampus of male rats (Dr Saiful Bahri B Talip)


Areas of interest:

  1. Antimalarial drug discovery  and natural product research. (Miss Angela Siner)
  2. The mechanisms of glucose blood control level in Type 1 diabetes patients by herbal medicines (Dr. Zunika Amit and Dr Muna Sabri).
  3. Analysis of antioxidant compounds in the local’s (Sarawak’s) fruits and vegetables. (Dr. Zunika Amit)
  4. Cytochrome P450 system of Mycobacterium tuberculosisand the multidrug resistance tuberculosis. (Dr. Muna Sabri)
  5. Biomarkers of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. (Dr Muna Sabri)


  1. Studying the influence of stress versus meditation on the body responses like various physiological parameters:heart rat, blood pressure, respiratory rate , blood glucose levels and acuity of senses etc. (Dr Khin Cho Aung)
  2. Stem Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (Mohd Lizan b Mohd Buang)
  3. Metabolic Diseases (Diabetes Mellitus, Syndrome X, Obesity, etc.) (Mohd Lizan b Mohd Buang)
  4. Aesthetics Medicine (Mohd Lizan b Mohd Buang)

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