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Assoc Prof Dr Muna Binti Sabri  

Academic Post : DS54
Date Joining UNIMAS : 28th January 2008
Qualifications : PgDip (Teahing & Learning), UNIMAS, 2010
PhD (Biochemistry) University of Manchester, United Kingdom, 2004 - 2007
MSc (Biochemistry) University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 1995- 1997)
BAppl. Sc (Biotechnology) University Science Malaysia, 1989 - 1992
Citizen : Malaysian
Appointment Status : Permanent
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone : 082-581000 ext:5815



Working Experiences

  • Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UNIMAS
  • Research Officer (O&G), Faculty of Medicine UKM
  • Medical Lab Technologist, Universiti Hospital, Petaling Jaya


Current Academic Responsibility

  • Teaching Biochemistry subjects for Medical and Nursing students through lectures and laboratory practicals
  • Facilitating PBL sessions for year 1 and 2 of Medical programme
  • Supervising elective 1 research for Year 2 Medical students


Research Interests and Projects

  • Molecular enzymology of tuberculosis
  • Leptin and Obesity and its relation to cardiovascular risks (biomarkers)
  • Osteoporosis: adolescence's perspective and relevance of biomarkers in the identifying the risk of the disease and its prevention mechanism


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  • Sabri, M., McLean, KJ., Dunford, AJ., Neeli, R., Leys, D., Scrutton, NS ., Munro, AW., 2009. ‘Characterization of coenzyme binding and selectivity determinants in Mycobacterium tuberculosis flavoprotein reductase A: analysis of Arg(199) and Arg(200) mutants at the NADP(H) 2'-phosphate binding site.’ Biochem J. 2009 Jan 1;417(1):103-12
  • Neeli, R., Sabri, M., McLean, KJ., Dunford, AJ., Scrutton, NS., Leys, D., Munro, AW., 2008. ‘Trp(359) regulates flavin thermodynamics and coenzyme selectivity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis FprA. Biochemical Journal, May 1;411(3):563-70
  • Dunford, AJ., McLean, KJ., Sabri, M., Seward, HE., Heyes, DJ., Scrutton, NS., Munro, AW., 2007. ‘Rapid P450 heme iron reduction by laser photoexcitation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis CYP121 and CYP51B1. Analysis of CO complexation reactions and reversibility of the P450/P420 equilibrium.Journal of Biological Chemistry, Aug 24;282(34):24816-24
  • McLean, KJ., Clift, D., Lewis, DG., Sabri, M., Balding, PR., Sutclife, MJ., Leys, D., Munro, A.W., 2006.  ‘The preponderance of P450s in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome’.Trends in Microbiology, May;14(5):220-8
  • McLean, KJ., Dunford, AJ., Sabri, M., Neeli, R., Girvan, HM., Balding, PR., Leys, D., Seward, HE., Marshall, KR., Munro, AW., 2006. ‘CYP121, CYP51 and associated redox systems in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: towards deconvoluting enzymology of P450 systems in a human pathogen.’ Biochem Soc Trans, Dec; 34(Pt 6):1178-82
  • McLean, KJ., Sabri, M., Marshall, KR., Lawson, RJ., Lewis, DG., Clift, D., Balding, PR., Dunford, AJ., Warman, AJ., McVey, JP., Quinn, AM., Sutcliffe, MJ., Scrutton, NS., Munro, AW., 2005. ‘Biodiversity of cytochrome P450 redox systems.’ Biochem Soc Trans, Aug;33(Pt 4):796-801


Book Authors : Muna Sabri, Zunika Amit, Angela Siner, John Candlis

Published date : 2005

Title : Hit The Mark : Questions in Medical Biochemistry

Publisher : Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


Involvement in Professional Organization

  • Malaysian Society of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
  • Malaysian Society of Applied Biology

Participation in Continuing Education and Services

  • Managing and Sponsoring Under 12 Futsal Team for school holidays

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