Medic 15

Professor Dr. Henry Rantai Gudum  

Academic Post : Professor
Date Joining UNIMAS : 15th December 1994
Qualifications : M.B., B.S.(Malaya), M.Path(Haem)(Malaya)
Citizen : Malaysian
Appointment Status : Permanent
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone : 082-581000 ext:5686



Working Experiences

  • Consultant Haematologist & Head, Division of Hematology, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur
  • Hon. Senior Registrar in Haematology, Department of Haematology, St. George's Hospital, London
  • Consultant Haematologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
  • Haematologist, Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Sarawak
  • Medical Officer (Training), Haematology (Blood Bank) /Clin Pathol, University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur
  • Medical Officer, Divisional Hospital, Sarikei, Sarawak
  • Medical Officer, (General Medicine) Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Sarawak
  • House Officer, (Obs. & Gyn. + Pediatrics), Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Sarawak


Current Academic Responsibility

  • Teaching undergraduates in heamatology and general medicine (giving lectures, conducting PBLs, practicals, seminars, bed-side teaching, and conducting examinations including clinical examinations to both Phase 1 and Phase 2 students of all years)
  • Teaching nursing undergraduate students on haematology topics and research ethics
  • Giving lectures on medical research and ethics to Master of Public Health Students


Research Interests and Projects

  • Immunohistochemical expression of p53, BCL-2 oncoprotein and Ki67 and analysis of p53 mutation by PCR in Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – funded by UNIMAS short term grant (RM 19,630.00)
  • Study of HTLV I and II infection among blood donors and certain ethnic groups in Sarawak – funded by UNIMAS short term grant (RM 19,900.00)
  • Interaction of tumour, host and virus factors in growth and progression of malignant lymphomas – funded by Ministry of Science IRPA grant – (budget centralized)
  • Adult acute leukaemias: A prospective study correlating initial characteristics and response to treatment - funded by UNIMAS short term grant (RM 20,000.00)
  • The expression of tissue factor in haematological malignancies – funded by UNIMAS short term grant (RM 20,000.00)
  • Development of a device to reduce the rate of “Economy class syndrome” on long haul flights – funded by UNIMAS short term grant (RM 26,000.00)
  • The Assessment of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Acute Leukaemia after Completion of Induction Chemotherapy by Multiparameter Flowcytometry – Funded by Science Fund 2007 (RM 243,100.00)



  • The spectrum of histologically diagnosed malignant neoplasms in Sabah, 1983 - 1988. Ganesan J, Pillay SS & Gudum HR. Med J Malaysia. 1991;46:116-121
  • Biphenotypic hybrid acute leukaemia diagnosed by two-colour flow cytometry. Gudum HR, Chin YM, Menaka N, Jeyarani S, Lin HP & Tay A. Mal J Pathol 1992;14(1):25-28
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  • Haemostatic changes in oral contraceptive pill users - the Malaysian experience. Roshidah I, Loh CK, Gudum HR & Khalid H. Mal J Med Lab Sci. 1993;10(1):13-16
  • Cytogenetic profile of Down’s syndrome referred to the Institute for Medical Research (Jan 1986 - Dec 1990). Wang L, Ten SK, Gudum HR & Khalid H. Mal J Med Lab Sci. 1993;10(1):8-12
  • Cytogenetic services in the peripheral laboratories of Malaysia. Tan SK, Noor PJ, Gudum HR & Khalid H. Mal J Med Lab Sci. 1993;10(1):5-7
  • Immunophenotyping in the diagnosis of leukaemia. Chin YM, Gudum HR & Khalid H. Mal J Med Lab Sci. 1993; 17-20
  • Ploidy analysis by flow cytometry - A preliminary report. Chin YM, Gudum HR & Khalid H. Mal J Med Lab Sci. 1993; 21-24
  • Laboratory screening for G6PD deficiency. Gudum HR. Chapter in ministry of health handbook on management of G6PD deficiency (1994)
  • Diagnosis of acute leukaemia - looking beyond morphology. Gudum HR. Mal J Med Lab Sci. 1994;11(1):16-19
  • Coagulation services in hospitals in Malaysia - the present status. Roshidah I, Khalid H and Gudum H R. Malaysian J Pathol, (1995); 17(1):51
  • A Study of Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis in the Serian subdistrict, Sarawak. Chai-Shain Kua, Gudum HR, Katip JT & Cardosa MJ. Proceedings of the 9th National Biotechnology Seminar, 23-26 November 1997, Penang. pp. 198-200
  • The Pattern of Lymphoma in East Malaysian Patients as experienced at the University Hospital, K. L. SP Chai, SC Peh, MY Lim, HR Gudum. Malaysian J Pathol 1999; 21(1): 45-50
  • Spectrum of Lymphoma in Sarawak General Hospital. SC Peh, HR Gudum, YC Tai, FL Wong, Jamil Dolkadir. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology 2001; 41 (1) 45-49
  • Research initiatives in educational institutions. Hashami Bohari & Henry R Gudum. Malaysian Jounal of Public Health Medicine 2004; 4(suppl 2): 13-14
  • Platelet non-responsiveness among diabetes patients in relation to coronary artery disease. Chin BSP, Liew CK, Tay SP, Annuar R, Ong TK, Chan WL, Henry R Gudum, Sim KH. International Journal of Cardiology, Volume 118, Issue 3, 12 June 2007, Pages 418-420


Involvement in Professional Organization

  • Academy of Medicine, Malaysia
  • Malaysian Medical Council, Council Member
  • Malaysian Medical Association

Participation in Continuing Education and Services

  • Expert panel member, UNIMAS expert panel for natural and applied science and medicine research
  • Assessor (Medicine Program), Malaysian Qualification Agency
  • Technical Assessor (Haematology Laboratory), Department of Standards, Malaysia
  • Reviewer for haematology articles, Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences

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