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Assoc Prof Dr Tin Moe Nwe   

Academic Post : Lecturer, DS52
Date Joining UNIMAS : 6th June 2007
Qualifications : Ph.D (Anatomy) (Japan), M.B.,B.S (Ygn), Diploma in Medical Education (Ygn)
Citizen : Myanmar
Appointment Status : Contract
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Extension : 218



Working Experiences

  • Lecturer, Associate Professor, Department of Basic Medical sciences, UNIMAS (from 2007 to present)
  • Part time lecturer in Chiba University School of Medicine, Japan
  • Demonstrator, Assistant Lecture and Lecturer in Institute of Medicines, Yangon (from 1990 to 2007)


Current Academic Responsibility

  • Teaching anatomy in Medical Program and Nursing Programs
  • Clinical coordinator in MDP 10207
  • Week coordinator in various block of Medical program
  • Supervisor for elective I research project
  • PBL facilitator


Research Interests and Projects

  • Transarticular invasion of primary bone tumours into joint of the limb (SGS)


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  • Relation of Nebulin and Connectin (Titin) to Dynamics of Actin in Nascent Myofibrils of Cultured Skeletal Muscle Cells. Tin Moe Nwe, Koscak Maruyama and Yutaka Shimada. Experimental Cell Research(1999) 252, 33-40
  •  Inhibition of Nebulin and Connectin (Titin) for Assembly of Actin Filaments during Myofibrillogenesis. Tin Moe Nwe and Yutaka Shimada. Tissue and Cell(2000) 32 (3) 223-227
  • Variations of the Extensor Indicis Muscle and Tendon. M. Komiyama, T.M. Nwe and Y. Shimada. Journal of Hand Surgery(1999) 24 B: 5: 575-578



  • Dynamics of Contrctile Proteins Constituting Myofibrils in Living Muscle Cells Yutaka Shimada, Tin Moe Nwe, Fukuko- Hasebe and Homare Suzuki.
  • Myofibrillogenesis (2000) 21-39. (A chapter of a book) 
  • Embryology portion in Preuniversity book



Involvement in Professional Organization

  • Member of PBL review committee
  • Member of M.R.C.S Examination committe
  • Member of musculoskeletal tumour group
  • Member of MMC

Participation in Continuing Education and Services

  • Partcipation in curriculum review (Medical and Nursing)
  • Presenter in CPD by department of Basic Medical sciences
  • Supervisor in IDA

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