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The Faculty is committed to the promotion of both exploratory and fundamental sciences, and also industry-oriented research. As a consequence, the Faculty has develop a strong research base over a wide area of resource sciences and technology. The Faculty has established a strong foundation for research in selected areas for which considerable expertise and adequate facilities are available.

The two major niche areas are (i) Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and (ii) Sustainable Resource Management and Utilization. The specified research topics under each area are as follows:-

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

• Human molecular biology
• Microbial degradation of toxic compounds
• Molecular ecology
• Molecular phylogenetics
• Sago molecular biology
• Biopolymers


Sustainable Resource Management and Utilization

• Tropical Biodiversity Studies
• Animal Biology and Conservation
• Plant and Animal Systematic
• Plant Ecology and Conservation
• Management and Utilization of Tree Plantations
• Tissue Culture and Cryopreservation
• Aquaculture Effluent Management

• Benthic Ecology
• Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems
• Marine Toxicology
• Soil Resource management
• Water Resource Management

• Water Quality Studies
• Profiling of Biogenic and Petrogenic Hydrocarbons in the Environment
• Distribution and Fate of Heavy Metals

• Phytochemistry
• Essential Oils from Aromatic Plants
• Bioactive Compounds (marina and terrestrial)
• Material Science, Nanoparticles/thin-film materials


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