Avoiding Plagiarism


 The definition of plagiarism as stated by

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak: "Plagiat" ialah menciplak idea, kalimat atau maklumat tanpa mengiktiraf penulis asal dan mengakuinya sebagai hasil kerjanya sendiri. (Peraturan Akademik Ijazah Sarjana Muda, 2014, para 12.1),


UNIMAS Research Policy: "Plagiarism" Taking credit for someone else's work and ideas, stealing other's results or methods, omitting acknowledgement of significant contribution(s) received from others, copying the writing of others without proper acknowledgement, or otherwise falsely taking credit for the work and ideas of others. (UNIMAS Research Policy 2011, Research Misconduct section, page 15, para 14.4),


As stated on page 6 of the FRST Guidelines for preparing MSc Dissertation and PhD Thesis  


as stated by University of Oxford: "Plagiarism is the copying or paraphrasing of other people's work or ideas without full acknowledgement"

Ignorantia legis neminem excusat / Ignorance of the law excuses no one

linksBelow are links to several sites on plagiarism which you can use as guidance to avoid plagiarism in your written works (dissertation, thesis, course/project papers and manuscripts).

What constitute plagiarism? (Harvard University)

The Council of Writing Program Administrators (WPA, US) on plagiarism

 Deputy Dean (Postgraduate and Research) Office, 2014