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Why Study Postgrad?

pathIs this path right for me?

Tertiary studies are pressing and fast-paced. After completing an undergraduate degree, many are weary on starting a new full-time postgraduate study. Postgraduate via research programs (MSc and PhD) require self-discipline and self-motivation, thus the question that you have to ask yourself is -- have you got those skills? 

There are several types of students in the postgraduate program, mostly students choose to progress onto postgraduate study after their undergraduate degree. These students are already in the studying mode, motivated with applicable knowledge still fresh in their minds. 

Others started their postgraduate programs after spending many years working and with the benefit of the work experiences they have acquired, still find postgraduate study a rewarding and fun experience.


whydo you join a postgraduate programme?

Further your knowledge

If still have the desire to learn and loves the activities conducted in laboratory to carry out research, then a postgraduate program can supplement your intellectual curiosity.

If you enjoy your academic studies and in any particular field, then perhaps you have the motivation to move on to a higher degree. Postgraduate study gives you the chance to advance your knowledge and specialize in the field of your interest.


Enhance your prospects

A postgraduate qualification is a great way to boost your prospects. Postgraduate qualification helps you to stand out from the crowd, but more importantly it intrinsically shows your commitment and dedication. Research degrees demonstrate your ability to think independently and work towards a goal. Specializing at postgraduate level can reinforce and complement your skills sets and makes you a stronger job applicant.


Advancing your career

A postgraduate course can further your skills and knowledge in your selected field. Employers value the experience and often assign postgraduate-qualified applicants with greater responsibilities.


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