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Malaysia is at the centre of the Indo-Pacific region, an area blessed with abundant and diverse aquatic life. Many of these aquatic organisms have yet to be investigated, and their economic potential remain untapped. Aquatic resources are also an important economic source for the local population. However, the rapid pace of development in this country has put stress on these diverse aquatic ecosystems.

The Department of Aquatic Sciences is currently offering one undergraduate programme i.e. Science and Management of Aquatic Resource. This programme aims to provide students with a sound understanding of the various aquatic ecosystems and resources so that they may be utilised in a sustainable way for socio-economic and other benefits. Our courses are designed for graduates to gain scientific knowledge and expertise to undertake research and development projects, especially on the exploitation and conservation aspects. The programme also emphasises public awareness to the importance of preserving aquatic ecosystems and resources for the benefit of future generations.

What you will learn:


Department Organization

Head of Department: Dr Ruhana Hassan

Programme Coordinator: Dr Aazani Mujahid


Non Academic Staff:

1187 Pn Norhayati Bujang

 Pembantu Pegawai Sains Kanan Senior Assistant Science Officer

 +682 58 3055


2129 En Benedict Samling

 Pembantu Pegawai Sains Assistant Science Officer

 +6082 58 3110



127 En Zaidi Ibrahim

 Ketua Pembantu Makmal Chief Lab Assistant

 +6082 58 3069


583 En Zulkilfi Ahmad

 Pembantu Makmal Kanan Senior Lab Assistant

 +6082 58 3152


 En Nazri Latib

En Richard Toh

En Mustafa Kamal Mohd Faizal

Pn Lucy Daru

En Mohd Norazlan Bujang Belly




Revised July 2015