Department of Zoology

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The native fauna of Malaysia, well known for its uniqueness and diversity, is an important component of the nation's natural heritage. Knowledge of their composition, distribution and population dynamics as well as in-depth understanding of their habitats and ecology are important prerequisites for developing sustainable management and effective conservation strategies. The Department of Zoology (DZ) at UNIMAS focuses on various important fields of research within zoology including animal systematics, ecology, conservation and management, biology, evolution, phylogeography, and bioinformatics. It currently offers one undergraduate programme, namely the Animal Resource Science and Management Programme.

The educational objectives of the department are to:


What you will learn:


Department Organisation

Head of Department:
Dr. Mohd Azlan Jayasilan Abd. Gulam Azad

Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Chong Yee Ling


Non-Academic Staff:

Huzal Irwan Husin, Laboratory Assistant

Isa Sait, Senior Laboratory Assistant

Mohamad Jalani Mortada, Laboratory Assistant

Nasron Ahmad, General Assistant

Raymond Patrick Atet, Senior Laboratory Assistant

Safri Hamdin, Assistant Science Officer

Trevor Allen Nyaseng, Veterinary Assistant

Wahap Marni, Science Officer