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Research Interest

My research areas of interest are molecular works on DNA and enzyme as well as biochemical aspects.


Azmanov D.N., Dimitrova S., Florez L., Cherninkova S., Draganov D., Morar B., Saat R.,Juan M., Arostegui J. I., Ganguly S., Soodyall H., Chakrabarti S., Padh H., Lopez-Nevot M. A., Chernodriska V., Anguelov B., Majumder P., Angelova L., Kaneva R., Mackey D.A., Tournev I. and Kalaydjieva L. (2010) LTBP2 and CYP1B1 mutations and associated ocular phenotypes in the Roma/Gypsy founder population. European Journal of Human Genetics.[Electronic Journal].

Hairul Azman Roslan, Jessie Ann Sim Chiew Ling and Rosmawati Saat. 2011. Allele Frequency Distribution of Hypervariable D17S5 Locus in Sarawak Modern Chinese Sample Community. Borneo Journal of Resource Science and Technology. 1(1): 24-27

Hairul Azman Roslan, Nur Hafizah Azizan and Rosmawati Saat. 2009. DNA polymorphism of D1S80 locus in Malay sample population of Sarawak. Sains Malaysiana 38(2): 143–147.

Saat. R. and Kamarol S. I. (2011) Molecular Identity of Ageratum conyzoides. Proceedings of Taxonomist and Ecologist Conference 2011.

Saat R. and Mania J. (2006) DNA fingerprinting of Elephantopus scaber L. using RAPD analysis. Proceedings of 8th National Biology Symposium: Indegenous Biological Research for National Development.

Saat R. and Chin J. (2006) Establishing DNA isolation method for Blumea balsamifera L.DC. and fingerprinting using DALP Technique. Proceedings of Conference on natural Resources in the Tropics: Development and Commercialization of Tropical Natural resources.

Rosmawati Saat. (2004). Using CpG island as a molecular tool in locating disease genes. MSMBB 2004 Scientific Conference.


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