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Research Interest

I am studying on the application of statistical tool in the field of animal ecology as well as to use the molecular genetic technique for resolving the phylogenetic relationships of understudied bats species. In Malaysia, statistical methodology is still new rather than the molecular analysis that is well known to many fields. This has promotes statistical study in the aspects of evolution, adaptation, behavior and ecology of animals as well as to develop the usefulness and advantages of molecular genetic studies. Additionally, this morphometric approach is reliable as an alternative method for chiropteran’s identification which is simple and affordable. The outcomes from the research are useful for an effective planning and management to protect and conserve bats species and as well as other wildlife including their ecology. Besides that, I am looking forward to studying on the computational biology, ecology and also modeling. This study allows multiple data to be evaluated and understood ecologically by using specific mathematical models and computational technology.

Selected Publications

Selected publications - Refereed Journals

Siti Nurlydia Sazali and Josephine Juary. 2012. Morphometric analysis of Fawn roundleaf bat,Hipposideros cervinus (Gould, 1854) (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae) from several populations in Sarawak. Tropical Natural History12(1): 89-95.

Siti Nurlydia Sazali and Nur Saidatul Akmar Aziz. 2012. Morphometric analysis of Cantor's roundleaf bat, Hipposideros galeritus Cantor 1846 from several localities in Sarawak. Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation9(1): 97-104.

Siti Nurlydia Sazali, Charlie J. Laman and M.T. Abdullah. 2012. Morphometrical Variations of Malaysian Hipposideros Species. Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Science. 6(1): 47-57.

Sazali, S.N., Besar, K. and Abdullah, M.T. 2011. Phylogenetic Analysis of the MalaysianRhinolopus and Hipposideros Inferred from Partial Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome b Gene Sequences. Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science34(2): 281-294.

Siti Nurlydia Sazali, Anwarali, F.A., Besar, K., Wahap, M. and Abdullah, M.T. 2011. New distribution record of the Ashy Roundleaf Bat Hipposideros cineraceus Blyth 1853 in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo: Conservation implications. Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation8: 83-88.

Sazali, S.N., Hasan, N.H., Laman, C.J. and Abdullah, M.T. 2008. A morphometric analysis of Malaysian Rhinolophus species. Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences2(1): 83-95.

Anwarali, F.A., Sazali, S.N., Jayaraj, V.K., Aban, S., Zaini, M.K., Besar, K., Ryan, J.R., Julaihi, A.M., Hall, L.S. and Abdullah, M.T. 2007. Bats of Bako National Park, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Sarawak Museum JournalLXIII (84): 267-300.

Selected publications – Proceedings

Ramlah Zainudin and Siti Nurlydia Sazali. 2012. A morphometric analysis of Hylarana signatagroup (previously known as Rana signata and Rana picturata) of Malaysia. International Conference Mathematical and Computational Biology 2011. International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series9: 199-208.

Rizoh Bosorang, Siti Zuriani Ismail, Siti Nurlydia Sazali, Zaini Assim and Sulaiman Hanapi. 2011. Cuticular hydrocarbon analysis for discrimination of Bactrocera dorsalis complex from Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. International Symposium on Environment and Natural Resources 2011. Hotel Equatorial Bangi, Putrajaya. 15-17 November 2011.

Siti Zuriani Ismail, Rizoh Bosorang, Siti Nurlydia Sazali and Sulaiman Hanapi. 2011. Cluster analysis of Bactrocera spp. based on characters from identification key. International Symposium on Environment and Natural Resources, 2011. Hotel Equatorial Bangi, Putrajaya. 15-17 November 2011.

Siti Nurlydia Sazali, Mohd Ridwan Rahman, Roberta Chaya Tawie, Eileen Lit, Noor Haliza Hasan and MT Abdullah. 2010. UNIMAS Contribution in the Studies of Mammals of Sarawak.Sarawak Biological Resources Forum 2010. Pullman Hotel, Kuching. 29-31 March 2010.

Dr Mohd Tajuddin, Noor Haliza Hasan, Faisal Ali Anwarali Khan, Jeffrine Japning Rovie-Ryan, Jayaraj V Kumaran, Yuzine Esa, Imelda Vivian Paul, Siti Nurlydia Sazali and LS Hall. 2009.Review on the molecular phylogeny of selected Malaysian bats. In: Ainsworth, G. and S. Garnett (eds.), Rimba: sustainable forest livelihoods in Malaysia and Australia. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia: Bangi. ISBN 978-967-5227-30-1.

Sazali, S.N., Laman, C.J. and Abdullah, M.T. 2008. Cluster analysis of the MalaysianHipposiderosProceedings of the International Conference on Mathematical Biology 2007.American Institute of Physics971: 235-238. ISBN 978-0-7354-0489-2.

Charlie Justin Mergie Laman, Siti Nurlydia Sazali and Mustafa Abdul Rahman. 2008. Using logistic regression to determine the sex of spiderhunters (Family: Nectariniidae). Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mathematical Sciences (IcoMS-2007). Matematika.Second edition, part II: 413-421.


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