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Research interests

My research interest focusses on the plant systematics, taxonomy and evolution; utilising morphology, molecular and phytochemistry.

Morphology plays key role in our understanding of species delimitation and relationships. Identification would be especially difficult however, if depending on the vegetative characters alone. As there is an increase of habitat destruction to rainforest nowadays , the threat to many plant species is alarming. They are in danger of going extinct before being described and classified.

As genetic data have an obvious benefit in classification and phylogeny (especially in delimiting cryptic species), comparative research would provide most meaningful insights in solving species problem.


    • Z. Shabdin et al.  (2013). Mapania multiflora, a distinctive new species of Cyperaceae (Mapanioideae) from Borneo. Kew Bulletin. 68: 673-678.
    • Z. Shabdin et al. (2013). Mapania sapuaniana, a new sedge species from Sarawak. Blumea. 58: 45-48.
    • Zinnirah, S. & Meekiong, K. (2012). The species diversity of Mapania Aublet (Cyperaceae) from Malaysia. In: Wasli, M.E., Sani, H., Fasihuddin B.A., Mohamad, S., Teen, L.P., Soon, L.K. & M. Sidi. The Proceeding of the 4th Regional Conference on Natural Resources in the Tropics: Sustaining Tropical Natural Resources Through Innovations, Technologies & Practices. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak: 402 – 406.
    • Meekiong, K., Zinnirah, S. & I.B. Ipor (2011). Notes on the genus Mapania (Cyperaceae) from Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, In: Mohamad, H.M.,Ipor, I.B., Meekiong, K., Sapuan, A. & A. Ampeng (eds.), Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary: Hidden Jewel of Sarawak. Academy of Science Malaysia & Sarawak Forest Department: 105 – 110.



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