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Tan, S.Z., Chung, H.H. and Chong, A.S.H. (2010) Distinct developmental expression of two elongase family members in zebrafish. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 393:397-403.

Wong, C.M.V.L., Chung, H.H., Aisyah, S., Omar, S., Cheah, Y.K., Maria de, L.G. and Moreano, H.A. (2009) Antarctic bacteria inhibits the growth of pathogens. ASM’sia Sc. J. 3(2).

Research Interest

My research interest mainly focusses on using molecular biology methods in harnessing resources from the diverse natural flora and fauna species in Sarawak. With previous experiences in molecular research using zebrafish as model organism to decipher the expression regulation of the LC-PUFA biosynthesis genes, my laboratory currently focuses on exploring potential local found Cyprinidae sp. in evaluating environmental biological interactions involving primarily with industrially derived synthetic substances. These substances include that of common household additives and ‘spike’ compounds for enriching commercial products values. It is believed that each organism has their own adaptive mechanism towards environmental insults and aquatic organism tends to represent the most suitable organism available for such assessment due to their continuous exposure through direct epidermal contact. Many aquatic organisms are thus equipped with resistance mechanism allowing them to thrive and reproduce even in polluted waters exposed to anthropogenic contaminants. It is also our goal to dissect into issues such as vertebrate developmental toxicity to produce concrete data of the effects of environment toxicants on the survivability and reproduction of local fish species.


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