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Research Interest

My research interest focuses on developing novel thin-film materials of tailored microstructure from stable colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles. Nanostructured materials prepared from nanoparticles have been shown to exhibit properties that are dramatically different from those of bulk phases. Such materials have numerous potential applications in areas such as microelectronics, optics and energy storage devices. Our recent studies have shown that nanoparticulate MnOx snd NiOx thin films exhibit large charge-storage capacity or capacitance, and therefore promising novel electrode materials for the fabrication of thin-film energy-storage devices such as supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries.


Refereed Journals

Pang S.C., Wee B.H., Chin S.F. 2011. The capacitive behavior of manganese dioxide thin films electrochemical capacitor prototypes. International Journal of Electrochemistry. Volume 2011, Article ID 397685, 10 pages doi:10.4061/2011/397685

Pang S.C., Chin S.F., Yii V. 2011. Conversion of cellulosic waste materials into nanostructured ceramics and nanocomposites. Advanced Materials Letters. In press.

Pang S.C., Khoh W.H., Chin S.F., 2011. Synthesis and characterization of magnetite/carbon nanocomposites thin films electrochemical applications. Journal of Materials Science and Technology. In press.

Chin S.F., Pang S.C., Tay S.H. 2011. Size controlled synthesis of starch nanoparticles by a simple nanoprecipitation method. Carbohydrate Polymer. 86. 1817-1819.

Pang S.C., Chin S.F. Ling C.Y. 2011. Preparation and Characterization of Self-Assembled  Manganese Dioxide Thin Films.  Journal of Nanotechnology.  Volume 2011, Article ID 789305, 7 pages doi:10.1155/2011/789305

Chin S.F., Pang S.C., Tan C.H. 2011. Green synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles (via thermal decomposition method) with controllable size and shape. Journal of  Materials and  Environmental  Science. 2 (3) 299-302.

Chin S.F., Pang S.C., Dom F.E.I. 2011. Sol-gel synthesis of silver/titanium dioxide (Ag/TiO2) core-shell nanowires for photocatalytic applications. Materials Letters. 65: 2673-2675.

Pang S.C., Chin, S.F., Tay S.H., Tchong F.M. 2011. Starch–maleate–polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels with controllable swelling behaviors. Carbohydrate Polymers. 84: 424-429.

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Chin S.F., Pang S.C. 2010. Tetrapropylammonium-manganese oxide/polypyrrole hybrid nanocomposite thin films as novel electrode materials for supercapacitors. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 124: 29–32.

Chin S.F., Pang S.C., Anderson M.A. 2010. Self-assembled manganese dioxide nanowires as electrode materials for  electrochemical capacitors. Materials Letters, 64: 2670-2672.

Pang S.C., Kiu L.P., Chin S.F. 2010. Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution by Agricultural Wastes. World Applied Science Journal.  9(4), 412-426.

Pang S.C., Khoh W.H., Chin S.F. 2010. Nanoparticulate Magnetite Thin Films as Electrode Materials for the Fabrication of Electrochemical Capacitors. Journal of Materials Science, 45:5598–5604.

Pang, S.C, Anderson, M.A. and Chapman, T.W. 2000. Novel Electrode Materials for Thin-Film Ultracapacitors: I. Comparison of Electrochemical Properties of Sol-Gel-Derived and Electrodeposited Manganese Dioxide. Journal of Electrochemical Society 174(2):444-450.

Pang, S.C. and Anderson, M.A.. 2000. Novel Electrode Materials for Electrochemical Capacitors: Part II. Material Characterization of Sol-Gel-Derived and Electro-deposited Manganese Dioxide Thin Films. Journal of Materials Research 15(10): 2096-2106.

Pang, S.C. and Anderson, M.A.. 2000. Novel Electrode Materials for Ultracapacitors: Structural and Electrochemical Properties of Sol-Gel-Derived Manganese Dioxide Thin Films. Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 575: 415-421.s with the aim of promoting sustainable development for the be


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