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Research Interest

My research interest is to discover useful compounds for the control of tropical diseases. In order to discover novel compounds from biological resources, phytochemical studies will be performed. This will involve extraction, purification and development of bioassay method for screening purposes such as anti-bacterial, anti-protozoa, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-tumor activities. Systematic evaluation of plant extracts will be initiated especially in tropical regions whereby many of these plants are used as natural medicines.

My previous research lies on anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity. T. cruzi is a protozoan that causes Chagas disease, an illness that affects approximately 16 million peoples in the tropical and subtropical regions. We have isolated several compounds with anti-parasitic activity.


Refereed Journals

Asaruddin, M. R., Kiuchi, F., & Honda, G. 2001. Trypanocidal Constituents of Desmos dasymachalus. Natural Medicines, 55 (3):149-151

Asaruddin, M. R., Kiuchi, F., & Honda, G. 2001. Trypanocidal Constituents of Michelia alba, Paper presented at the 48th Conference of The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy, Kanazawa, Japan . 1-P-28-104

Asaruddin, M. R. 2002. Trypanocidal Constituents from Malaysian Medicinal Plants. MSc Thesis. Department of Pharmacognosy, Kyoto University, Japan.


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