Fasihuddin Badruddin Ahmad

Studies on natural products from terrestrial plants, marine organism and biopolimers are my specific interest. Various plants especially from the Annonaceae, Lauraceae, Piperaceae, Menispermaceae and Zingerberaceae families; various macroalgae; sponges and soft corals have been studied and interesting compounds have been isolated in our laboratory. Higher plants and marine organism are remarkable in their ability to produce a vast array of diverse metabolises varying in chemical complexity and biological activity. Natural products have historically served as templates for the development of many important classes of drugs. Further efforts are now being focused on the potential of natural products as agrochemical.

Borneo is the home for many ethnic groups, each maintaining their diverse yet unique ways of life, including the widespread practice of traditional cures and medicines. Even with the availability of modern medicine, traditional medical practices still persist, either as an alternative or as supplement to modern medicine. Many of the plants used are endermic to Borneo such as Goniothalamus velutinus. Thus it is highly probable that with appropriate technology and well coordinated research, new biologically active principals could be discovered especially for the treatment of emerging diseases such as viral diseases, cancer and AIDs, diseases of unknown etiology such as arthritis, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson, genetic diseases and many more. Biopolymers especially starch and modified starch products, galactomannans and biopolymers from macroalgae such as alginates, agar and carrageenan are useful products for various industries especially for stabilizing, gelling, emulsifying, thickening etc. The sources for the biopolymers are abundance and details physicochemical studies and also modification of this product will contribute significantly on the future application of this product.

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