Ling Teck Yee

My research areas encompass water and sediment quality and the application of statistics and mathematical modeling in the water and soil environment particularly those related to agriculture and aquaculture industries with the aim of promoting sustainable development for the benefits of mankind.

My academic publications comprise 107 articles in journals, books, proceedings and monographs and a book. The following list is my book and journal publications (2009-2013) and selected proceedings articles.


Ling, T.Y. and Hong, K.S. 2012. Elementary Statistics for Sciences with SPSS, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 118pp. ISBN: 9789675527371.

Journal Articles (2009-2013):

1. Ling T.Y., Nyanti, L., Leong, C.K., Wong Y.M. 2013. Comparison of Water Quality at Different Locations at Batang Ai Reservoir, Sarawak, Malaysia. World Applied Sciences Journal 26(11):1473-1481. Impact factor: 0.234. ISI, ISSN:1818-4952, EISSN: 1991-6426.

2. Ling T.Y., Lee T.Z.E., Nyanti, L. 2013. Phosphorus in Batang Ai Hydroelectric Dam Reservoir, Sarawak, Malaysia. World Applied Sciences Journal 28(10): 1348-1354. Impact factor: 0.234. ISSN: 1818-4952:: EISSN: 1991-6426.

3. Ling, T.Y., S.W. Lim, Lesley M. Bilung and L. Nyanti. 2013. Impact of different land uses on the Escherichia coli concentrations, physical and chemical water quality parameters in a tropical stream. Borneo Journal of Resource Science and Technology 2(2):34-43. ISSN: 229-9769. Indexed.

4. Leong, S.S., S. Lihan, Ling T.Y., Chia, H.C., & Lim, C.K. 2013. Isolation and Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from Swiftlet Feces in Sarawak, Malaysia. Microbiology Indonesia 7(4):137-143.  ISSN 1978-3477, eISSN: 2087-8575. Indexed.

5. Nyanti, L., T.Y. Ling and Jongkar, G.. 2012. Fish and Crustacean Communities and Fish Length-Weight Relationships of Lutong River, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences 4(1): 102-110. (ISI)

6. Ling, T.Y., Nuraminah J. and L. Nyanti. 2012. Water and Sediment Quality near Shrimp Aquaculture Farm in Selang Sibu River, Telaga Air, Malaysia World Applied Sciences Journal 18(6): 855-860. Impact factor: 0.234. (ISI)

7. Ling, T.Y., Azzyati ZIM and Lesley MB. 2012. Temporal and spatial variations and decay rates of E. coli in river sediment. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management 7(1): 16-22. Index factor: 0.051. E-ISSN: 1823-8556. Print ISSN: 1823-8556 (SCOPUS)

8. Ling, T.Y., R. Abdul-Ghani, N. A. Hamdan  and L. Nyanti. 2012. Impacts of Residential Areas and Aquaculture on the Sediment Quality of Semariang Batu River in Sarawak, Malaysia. International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering 3(2):86-90. Global Impact factor: 0.367. Indexed.

9. Nyanti, L., Hii K.M., Sow A., Norhadi I. and Ling T.Y. 2012. Impacts of Aquaculture at Different Depths and Distances from Cage Culture Sites in Batang Ai Hydroelectric Dam Reservoir, Sarawak, Malaysia. World Applied Sciences Journal 19(4):451-456. Impact factor: 0.234. (ISI).

10. Ting, S.H and T.Y. Ling. 2012. Language use and sustainability status of indigenous languages in Sarawak, Malaysia. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 33(6): 1-17. ISSN 1747-7557,  Impact Factor 0.6. Indexed.

11. Nyanti, L., Nur’Asikin R., T.Y. Ling & Jongkar, G. 2012. Fish diversity and water quality during flood mitigation works at Semariang mangrove area, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Sains Malaysiana 41(12): 1517–1525. ISSN: 01266039 (ISI, IF)

12. Ling, T.Y., M.J. Dana, S. Bostam and L. Nyanti. 2012. Domestic wastewater quality and pollutant loadings from urban housing areas. Iranica Journal of Energy & Environment 3(2): 129-133. Indexed.

13. Ling, T.Y., D.D. Paka, L. Nyanti, Norhadi I. and J.J.J. Emang. 2012. Water Quality at Batang Ai Hydroelectric Reservoir (Sarawak, Malaysia) and implications for aquaculture. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology 2(6): 23-30. Indexed.

14. Nyanti, L., Ling, T.Y. and Jongkar G. 2012. Physico-chemical characteristics in the filling phase of Bakun Hydroelectric Reservoir, Sarawak, Malaysia. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology 2(6): 92-101 ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online). Indexed.

15. Ma, X.R., Sim, E.U.H, Ling, T.Y., Tiong, T.S., Selva, S.K. & Khoo, A.S.B. 2012. Expression Trend of Selected Ribosomal Protein Genes in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Malaysian J Med Sci, 19 (4), 24-31 ISSN. 1394-195X Indexed.

16. Nolasco-Hipolito, C., O.C. Zarrabal, R. M. Kamaldin, Ling, T.Y., S. Lihan, K. Bujang and Y. Nitta. 2012. Lactic acid production by Enteroccocus faecium in liquefied sago starch. AMB Express 2:53. ISSN: 2191-0855 doi:10.1186/2191-0855-2-53 Indexed.

17. Nyanti L., G. Berundang, T.Y. Ling. 2011. Treatment of shrimp pond effluent in sedimentation pond in the tropics. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering 5(4): 381-387 ISSN 1934-8932 Indexed.

18. Nyanti, L., G. Berundang and T.Y. Ling. 2011. Shrimp pond effluent quality during harvesting and pollutant loading estimation using Simpson’s rule. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology 1(5): 208-213 ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online). Indexed.

19. Ling, T.Y., Hazel N.M.F.P., L. Nyanti and M.C. Miod. 2011. Sediment oxygen demand of the Santubong River and their contributing factors. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology 1(6): 162-168. ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online). Indexed.

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Proceedings Articles:

1. Ling, T.Y., Nor-Amalina R. & Nyanti, L. 2013. Water quality of Salak River during temporary cessation of flood mitigation works. In Proceedings of 12th International UMT Annual Symposium, Advancements in Marine and Freshwater Sciences, 8-10 Oct. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. 116-122.

2. Ling, T.Y., Srikaran, R., Kho, C.P., Nyanti, L. 2012. Modeling Water Quality of Serin River, Malaysia, using Qual2k Model. In Proceedings of International Conference on Environment (ICENV 2012), 11-13 Dec., Penang, Universiti Sains Malaysia. 795-804.