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Wee Boon Siong

 Wee 2013

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry
PhD. (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
MSc. (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)
BSc. (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)
Tel: +082582965
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Boon Siong Wee, Shakirah Abd Shukor, Ahmad Firdaus Khaidir,Mohd Suhaimi Hamzah, Shamsiah Abdul Rahman, Md SuhaimiElias, Nazaratul Ashifa Abdullah Salim and Azian Hashim (2014). Biomonitoring of trace elements using epiphytic lichens collected in a suburban area of Selangor, Malaysia. In: From Sources to Solutions, A.Z. Aris, T.H. Tengku Ismail, R. Harun, A.M. Abdullah and M.Y. Ishak (Eds.). Springer Science, pp. 37 – 41.

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I. A. Alnour, H. Wagiran, N. Ibrahim, S. Hamzah, B. S. Wee,  M. S. Elias (2014). Investigate the capability of INAA absolute method to determine the concentrations of 238U and 232Th in rock samples. Journal of Radioanalytical & Nuclear Chemistry 299, 177 - 186.

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B.S. Wee (2013). Neutron activation analysis and its application in Malaysian Nuclear Agency. Housyaka Bunseki 29, 58 – 63.

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Wee Boon Siong, Ab. Khalik Wood, Mohd. Suhaimi Hamzah, Shamsiah Abdul Rahman, Md. Suhaimi Elias and Nazaratul Ashifa Abd. Salim (2007).  Certified reference materials for analytical quality control in neutron activation analysis.  Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences 11 (1), 17 – 22.

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Wee Boon Siong, Ho Manh Dung, Ab. Khalik Wood, Nazaratul Ashifa Abdullah Salim, and Md. Suhaimi Elias (2006).  Testing the applicability of k0-INAA at the MINT’s TRIGA MK II reactor.  Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research A, Vol. 564, No. 2, 716 – 720.

Wee Boon Siong and Ab. Khalik Wood (2003).  Validation of uncertainty due to geometry of radioactivity counting using gamma spectrometry system.  In:  Analytical Chemistry – Application and Current Issues, Zaini Assim, Fasihuddin B. Ahmad, Ismail B. Jusoh, Lau Seng, and Murtedza Mohamed (Eds.). Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, ISBN 9839257331, pp. 316 – 320.

Wee Boon Siong, E. Padmanabhan, M. Mohamed and B.L.H. Mei (2001).  Impact of resilience on the evaluation of database parameters for soil quality assessments of peat soils in Sarawak.  In: Sustainable Management of Natural Resource, Lau Seng, Gabriel Tonga Noweg, Kasing Apun, Lee Nyanti and Zani Assim (Eds.). Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, ISBN 9839257277, pp. 321 – 330.

My research is mainly focus on environmental chemistry. In my research, various environmental samples were collected and analyzed by utilizing many analytical instruments such as ICP-MS, ICP-AES, AAS and nuclear analytical techniques (NAA and PGA) in order to determine trace/toxic elements in these samples. The aims are to find out the concentrations of these elements and to assess the level of environmental pollution. Examples of my research include air particulate analysis, marine pollution studies, toxic elements in fish and biomonitoring. My other research interest is cosmochemistry where the chemical compositions of meteorites would tell us about the evolution of our solar system in the past. Apart from that, I am interested in QA/QC of analytical methods which is an important part of analytical work. 


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