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Research Interest

My current MSc. research incorporates entomology and molecular biology to address basic and applied questions concerning population biology and breeding systems in German cockroach using microsatellite DNA markers. During my postgraduate years in Urban Entomology Laboratory in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), I have participated in a wide variety of research projects in urban pest such as termite baiting, liquid termiticide application, insecticide degradation, and evaluating liquid and gel bait insecticide for nuisance ants and cockroaches. Molecular markers represents an effective tool to determine population genetic structure of urban pest, which are essential to provide effective management of pest species.

Besides that, I am looking forward to integrate morphology and molecular data in studying pest of economic importance including agricultural pest to enhance on the knowledge and current information of this insect pest group, in which will provide a better understanding on their intra- and inter relationships. This also could potentially reveal any population divergence and cryptic species that might exist among the examined species. Consequently, the recognition on the diagnostic morphological character(s) and molecular marker(s) for species identification and classification of particular insect pest group, and the revision of their phylogenetic relationships inferred from morphology and molecular data will be achieved. Overall, the knowledge and information from this research could be very helpful for designing future conservation strategies and management practice of pest species.

Selected Publications


Mohd Zacaery Khalik, Adibah M. Shariff and Wan Nurainie W. I.2015. Developmental Stages of Hypopygiopsis violacea (Family: Calliphoridae), a Forensically Important Blowfly on Rat Carcass.  Borneo Journal of Resource Science and Technology, 5(1): 26-33.


Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Ahmad Sofiman Othman, Chow-Yang Lee. Population Genetic Structure of The German Cockroach Inferred From Microsatellite DNA Markers. In proceeding of 8th Postgraduate PPSKH Colloquium June 2013. Organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Mohd Hanif Ridzuan Mat Daud, Nur Aida Md Tamrin, Zahirunisa Abd Rahim, Kishen Bunya, Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Farhana Anwar Ali Khan and Abdullah MT. 2010. Diversity of small mammals in Endau Kluang Wildlife Reserve and Endau Kota Tinggi Wildlife Reserve, Johor, Malaysia. In proceeding of National Biodiversity Seminar. June, 2010. Organized by Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Zahirunisa Abd Rahim, Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Nur Aida Md Tamrin, Mohd Hanif Ridzuan Mat Daud, Huzal Irwan Husin and Mustafa Abdul Rahman. 2010. A comparative study on birds of Sungai Dusun Wildlife Reserve, Selangor and Tasek Bera Ramsar Site, Pahang. In proceeding of National Biodiversity Seminar. June, 2010. Organized by Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Zahirunisa Abd Rahim, Mohd Hanif Ridzuan Mat Daud, Nur Aida Md Tamrin, Madinah Adrus, Mustafa Abdul Rahman and MT Abdullah. 2010. The influences of land uses and habitat changes to species diversity of birds at Tasek Bera Ramsar Site. In proceeding: The 2nd National Conference on Environment & Health 2010, 17 -18 March 2010. Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

W.I. Wan Nurainie, M. Wahap, I.H. Huzal and M.T. Abdullah. 2010. Herpetofauna Report on Lanjak Entimau Scientific Expidition. In proceeding: Seminar on Lanjak Entimau Scientific Expidition, 4-5 March 2009. Edited by Mohamed, H., Ipor, I., Meekiong, K., Sapuan, A. and Ampeng, A. Akademi Sains Malaysia and Sarawak Forestry Department. pp.267-271.


Lim Yang Yang, Yap Yee Fang, Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Noor Haliza Hassan and Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah. 2009. Phylogeny of selected fruit bats using mitochondrial DNA partial cytochrome oxidase I and cytochrome b genes. In proceeding: 3rd Regional Conference on Natural Resources in the Tropics (NRTrop3): Harnessing tropical natural resources through innovations and technologies. Hilton Kuching, Sarawak, 3-5 August 2009.


Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Mohd Hanif Ridzuan Mat Daud, Zahirunisa Abd Rahim, Mustafa Abd Rahman and MT Abdullah. 2008. Utility of Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI) Gene as DNA Barcode for Selected Species of Bats, Birds and Squirrel. In proceeding: 10th Symposium of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology Realization of Biodiversity Potentials through Applied Biology. Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites, Kuching, Sarawak, 6-8 November 2008.

Andy Kho Han Guan, Isa Sait, Wahap Marni, Huzal Irwan Husin, Eileen Lit, Roberta Chaya Tawie, Sigit Wiantoro, Anang Setiawan Achmadi, Mohd Ridwan Abdul Rahman@Tahir, Mohd Fizl Sidq Ramji, Mohd Hanif Ridzuan Mat Daud, Zahirunisa Abd Rahim, Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, Mohd Hasri Al-Hafiz Haba, Rahah Mohd Yakub, Faisal AK, CJ Laman, AA Tuen, Murtedza Mohamed and MT Abdullah. 2008. Checklist of Small Mammals and Birds at Bukit Lima Forest Park, Bukit Aup Park and Naman Plantation, Sibu.


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