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Research Interest

My research interest involves the biochemistry, enzymology and molecular biology of microbial enzymes. In studying a particular enzyme of interest, molecular biology methods were employed as tools alongside protein chemistry studies to explore and understand the enzyme's function, regulation and degradation mechanisms.

Currently our research group works on the indigenous amylase/cellulase enzyme of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens UMAS 1002, which is capable of degrading sago pith waste. Genetic manipulation of the gene responsible for the amylolytic and cellulolytic properties has been successfully carried out and active recombinant protein was obtained through in vitro using the Escherichia coli expression system. We are hoping to be able to optimize the experimental conditions in order to increase the protein production. Achieving that, we will purify the native and recombinant crude enzymes to enable us to carry out in depth kinetic studies thus characterize the proteins.

The knowledge and information gained, would contribute profoundly in our quest to produce a robust and commercially available recombinant protein specifically for the biodegradation of sago industries residual waste.

1) Indigenous fungal isolates for bioremediation of pentachlorophenol (PCP), recalcitrant industrial pollutant.
2)Improvement of the CMS Agrotech Sdn Bhd Composting Technology for Production of Biofertilizer.
3) Production of amylase in solid substrate fermentation (SSF) using sago agro industrial residue as substrate by indigenous raw starch degrading fungi.
4) Isolation and characterization of marine bacteria involved in degradation of carbazole from coast of Sarawak.
5) Isolation, identification and characterisation of annomox
bacteria in Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kuching, Sarawak.
6) Isolation and characterization of novel marine bacteria involved in degradation of heterocyclic compound from coast of Sarawak.
7) Distribution and dynamics of indigenous hydrocarbon degrading fungi and their enzymes.



Journal Publications

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