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Selected publications

Ling, T.Y., M.R. Malini and L. Nyanti. 2008. Heavy metals in shrimp pond sludge, water and muscles. Journal of Science and Technology in the Tropics 4(1):57-63.

Lee, Y.H., Nyanti, L., Stuebing, R.B. and O. Mani. 2006. The Water Quality of Several Oxbow Lakes in Sabah, Malaysia and its Relation to Fish Fauna Distribution. Journal of Biological Sciences 6 (2): 365-369. 


Research activities
My research interest lies mainly in fish ecology and aquaculture. In fish ecology, I am interested in the fish fauna composition of both freshwater ecosystem and mangrove areas including feeding habits and spawning behavior. Clearance of large areas of land for agriculture and other physical development may be inevitable currently and in future as the need for job and economic development increases. Unfortunately, these activities affect the water quality and subsequently give negative impacts to the aquatic life including fishes. How fishes response to these changes and how long it takes to recover, if it does happen, is not well studied especially in the tropics. With the declining catches from natural fisheries worldwide, it is expected that aquaculture will contribute substantially as a source of protein. However, like many other industries, aquaculture activities especially those that are taking place at the coastal areas and are not properly managed could affect the ecosystem negatively. Therefore, there is a need to manage the effluent from aquaculture farm as well as to know the assimilative capacity of an ecosystem directly affected by this industry.


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