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Research interest

Microbiology (virology) and molecular biology are areas of my research interest. My previous research work involves the application of cloning technology for the expression of recombinant protein in eukaryotic expression system. In recent times, this is a very useful experimental tool in protein engineering and production. The successful expression of the target recombinant protein will help to understand the biochemistry, functionality and the structure of individual protein as it is fundamental, especially in biomedical research. 


Fazia Mohamad Sinang. 2010. Cloning, Expression and Characterization of Hepatitis B Large Surface Antigen in Pichia pastoris. MSc. Thesis. Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Fazia Mohamad Sinang, Syahida Ahmad, Tan Chon Seng and Tan Wen Siang. 2008. Cloning and Expression of Hepatitis B Large surface Antigen in Yeast. Proceedings 30th Symposium of Malaysian Society for Microbiology, Kuantan, 16th-19th August 2008, p 258-259.


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